Who is Lazar Trifunović?

I have in front of me a remarkable book, with a curious title: Searching for the Lost Smile. Whose smile? The smile of Everyman. A physician from Novi Sad, Lazar Trifunović is the author not only of quite an unusual book, but also of quite an unusual man. He is a travelling-man (homo viator), roaming the world, but he is also a space traveller. Why do I say that? For the simple reason that Lazar Trifunović travelled to all corners of the world while simultaneously journeying inwards, through the labyrinth of his psycho-spiritual life.

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Lazar Trifunović


I believe that I fell in love with books as soon as I learned to read and this love will be forever.

I had been scribbling for years, endlessly asking myself why I was compelled to do so when none of it made any sense. I had ended up with a collection of disconnected jottings that nobody, least of all myself, could understand or organise into a coherent whole. In September 2012 I travelled to Japan. In Japan, all those musings suddenly fell into place of their own accord and the book was born.

Lazar Trifunović


After graduating from medical school, wishing to further deepen his understanding of the human body, health and illness, Lazar Trifunović spends time in India and Africa. He then goes to the United Kingdom and enrols into Health Science : Homeopathy, a degree course at Westminster University, London.

Attempting to assemble a “medical mosaic” in the course of his studies, he continues to travel extensively across Asia, Africa and South America and becomes a teacher of yoga. After winning a degree in homeopathy he travels to Tibet, before finally starting his own practice in Novi Sad, Serbia.

Between 2000 and 2007 he visits the Parao Hospital for Lepers in Varanasi, India, once a year for several months in order to gain further expertise.

Searching for the Lost Smile


The Author

The author of the Searching for the Lost Smile, Lazar Trifunović, decided to write led by the idea that the story of his roaming the world could provide signposts for others. As such, the book soon found an audience. The fact that the book has seen eight editions in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina is proof that many readers have taken it in this spirit.


Many book promotion events were held in Serbia, Montenegro and in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and they were all extremely well attended. The fact that the reading public embraced the book in the manner in which the author hoped they would completes the circle of his efforts.

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Due to his continuous work with professionals and practitioners from across the world, Dr Lazar Trifunović is considered a leading authority on homeopathy in Serbia.